Candle Care


Store your candle under 25 degrees Celcius and out of direct sunlight or strong florescent light and it will last for many years giving beautiful cold scent throw when required.

Natural triple pressed Palm Stearic Acid has been added to reduce fragrance "sweating" in our hot climate and during transport.

Cover your cup with the upturned saucer when in storage for long periods to avoid dust build up and to retain its fragrance.

No heat protection is required - simply place your cup on its saucer and your surfaces will not be damaged whilst burning.

When you decide to burn your candle, keep the candle wick trimmed to around 5mm between burns. This avoids "flickering" and keeps the wax clean and fragrant.

It is a good idea to burn for a minimum of two hours to allow the wax pool to melt right across the cup surface. This prevents "tunneling" and extends the burn hours.

Your cup will not crack due to the heat of burning. The soy wax will get no hotter than a cup of tea.

Once your candle has finished simply soak your cup in warm soapy water and hand wash. The wick stub and labels will come away easily from the cup.


WARNING: NEVER burn your candle in a childs bedroom, leave it burning unattended or leave it to burn while you sleep!!



Choose a safe position to burn your candle in full view. This should be away from the reach of children and away from drafts. Never place under shelves.

Never move a burning candle. Extinguish, allow to re-set and then move. Be aware of clothing and hair when reaching across a burning candle.

Do not blow out your candle, use your snuffer instead to extinguish the flame and ensure it is out! This is far safer than blowing hot melted wax.